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Luster-Lock® Ultra Finish

Kensington Holland Park

Hardwoods finished with intention.

We love hardwood floors. Their warmth and timeless beauty speak to what we value most: thoughtful design, enduring stability and a legacy built on craftsmanship.

Anderson Tuftex created Luster-Lock® Ultra hardwood finish so you can choose a hardwood floor with no worry of regret. With Luster-Lock® Ultra's superior resistance to scuffs and abrasions, you can feel confident that each board will fit both your style and lifestyle for years to come.

Luster-Lock® Ultra finish has micro-sized crystals of ceramic and aluminum oxide suspended in the finish. These crystals can be found in other products such as sandpaper, computer chips, abrasives and even toothpaste. Using this technology on our hardwood floors has proven to make our hardwoods more resistant to scuffs and abrasion than other competitive hardwood floor finishes.

Key Features:

  • 6 times more resistant to scuffs and abrasions than other hardwood brands
  • Tested to stand up to over 1,200 scuffs to look newer longer*
  • Five layers of polyurethane, a layer of aluminum oxide, and stain along with Anderson Tuftex’s proprietary finish

Flooring should be timeless: an expression that complements your tastes. With Anderson Tuftex hardwood floors finished with Luster-Lock Ultra®, you have a hardwood floor designed with intention and crafted with care, so you know you're making the right decision the first time.

*These scuff tests were performed utilizing a heavy duty 3M scouring pad combined with 10lbs of pressure. The pad was replaced every 100 strokes.

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