A/T + Capitalizing on Capabilities (CAPC)

Anderson Tuftex is proud to partner with Capitalizing on Capabilities (CAPC) to provide jobs for individuals with disabilities. CAPC empowers people to maximize the quality of their lives in their home communities.

Ram, one of our utility mechanics, is an integral part of our ability to manufacture. For over five years now, he's helped build parts for our carpet creels, maintained those parts and kept the dollies that transport cases of yarn in tip-top shape. He helps keep the wheels turning, literally. 

"I like the work because of the people," Ram says, "They are always nice to me."

Ram always has a smile on his face, and he's very dependable. He's just an overall great associate.

Our partnership with CAPC solidified in 2013 when Carolyn Reggio, CEO of CAPC, and Jim Cusick, our Director of Manufacturing worked together to bring opportunites to individuals with disabilities at our facilty in Sante Fe Springs, Ca. Three people were employed initially, and two of those still work at our plant today.

"With knowing the success that CAPC has had in the past and with the amount of work we did upfront, we really had high expectations that this would be successful," asserted Cusick. "CAPC has been a great partner. They've worked with us from a local standpoint. They've worked with our corporate office to address any concerns that we might have had."

CAPC strives to follow the philosophy that all people with disabilities are individuals with the ability to lead self-directed, productive, fulfilling lives while becoming contributing members of their community. People like Ram are a living example of this philosophy in action.

Anderson Tuftex and Shaw Industries, our parent company, are thankful to have Ram come to work every day and thrilled to open possibilities to more like him in the community through our collaboration with CAPC.
About CAPC

CAPC Inc. empowers individuals with disabilities and works with them to gain employment, assisted living arrangements, and connects them to the community by providing access to transportation, improve their communication and help them pursue higher education and strong relationships.
CAPC takes pride in its community building efforts, and is well supported by local chambers of commerce, political leaders and businesses.
CAPC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1984. We depend on donors to allow us to continue to provide the high quality services for which we are recognized.
CAPC Believes
  • All people have talents and capabilities.
  • All people continue to learn and grow through their lifetime.
  • All people can work and contribute to their community as valued members.
  • All people should be respected and listened to.
  • All people should be given the opportunity to make decisions and be as independent as possible.
  • All people, regardless of the severity of their disability, can live successfully in their own home.
  • All people should lead self-directed lives.
CAPC is accredited by CARF in Community Employment Services: Job Development, Job Supports and Job-Site Training.

Learn more about CAPC and their mission at www.capcinc.org.

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