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Anderson Tuftex blends hard and soft surfaces for a seamless design and timeless style.

Today’s open floor plans have inspired the need for a seamless design throughout the home to create a cohesive look and feel. However, achieving such a unified style can be a challenge when most of us tend to tackle home improvement projects one room at a time, rather than a complete overhaul. Flooring is one element of home design that is foundational to creating this seamless design experience, but again, we’re faced with the challenge of creating this unity through design from a remodel experience that is often anything but unified.

There’s also an ever-expanding desire for designing curated homes that are unique to each individual or family and are full of intentional design elements that speak to our originality. We crave a simplified floor shopping experience, but also want something that feels unique to us, rather than copied and pasted from a showroom floor to our homes.

It’s no accident that Simplicity and Intentional Design are two of the guiding principles of Anderson Tuftex. We aim to simplify all aspects of the floor buying process by crafting intentional products with timeless designs. What’s more, our product developers are designing curated collections of hard and soft surface flooring products that perfectly complement one another, giving your home a fluid sense of style with a floor that reflects your unique personality.

Curated collections from Anderson Tuftex help provide a conceptual flooring design that enables you to create a unified look throughout your home, even if you’re updating one room at a time. Discover stunning hardwood, carpet and rugs that are intentionally crafted to work together seamlessly to enhance the look and feel of your home.

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