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Our new design technology allows for increased color variation and opens the door to unique capabilities that weren't previously possible. We're excited to introduce products featuring this technology as part of our 2023 product launch.

Designed with Intention. Crafted with Care. The Anderson Tuftex mantra defines our approach in how we expand our design forward products in 2023. Four new Pet Perfect carpets will feature an innovative manufacturing technique that takes typically undesirable carpet characteristics and transforms them into intentional design features.


The phrase ‘perfectly imperfect’ defines the random striation featured in Batique, Moderne, Marquet and Magnifique. In a full install, the intentional random variation will be visible and highlight sophisticated design aesthetic. Viewed in a room, the variation will be more visible and highlight the sophisticated design aesthetic. The random variation in color is similar to a more organic visual commonly found in higher-end products produced with skilled dye techniques.


One of the most attractive features of this innovation is that it brings a more custom feel to carpet. Think about the desirable characteristics of hardwood: just as every plank of wood is completely unique, these carpets feature completely unique color variation. So, the patterns will be identical, but the color within each pattern is slightly different. The linear undulation and striated shifts in color bring depth, enhance dimension and brings a strong sense of character to the room.


Batique – Tribal Pattern

This style demands attention. Batique features intricate and elaborate patterning akin to a tapestry. With a range of unique color pairings, this complex style stands out as a feature in any space it is placed. Adorn your space with a fusion of texture, color, and hand-loomed appeal. Available in 18 colors.


Moderne – Basketweave Pattern

A modern take on a woven parquet, Moderne is a blend of all the best attributes: structured yet casual. Clean yet substantive. Elegant yet unpretentious. Contemporary yet timeless. It is the perfect pattern to bring together unconventional color and texture pairings into uniquely designed spaces. Available in 18 colors.


Marquet – Chevron Loop

A vibrant and elevated herringbone pattern gives the all-loop construction of Marquet a style that is both intricate and natural. This captivating color line is full of natural tones that cultivate a serene space. Available in 18 colors.


Magnifique – Linear Cut Pile

Boasting lush, undulating and pinpoint striations, Magnifique creates a rich, near-solid styling statement to complement any space. Sharing characteristics of silk but more easily maintained, this cut pile has a soft, full feel enhancing the overall comfort of the carpet. The deep, rich tones of this color line create a sense of rare elegance and refinement wherever it is placed. Available in 18 colors.


Carpet for Pets

Pet Perfect products by Anderson Tuftex are ultra-durable, easy-to-clean carpets designed for pet owners or anyone who desires a little extra protection for their home. Batique, Moderne, Marquet and Magnifique are ANSO High Performance carpets with built-in stain protection, advanced fade and bleach resistance and will easily release pet hair making clean-up a cinch. Learn more about Pet Perfect carpets here.

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